1. Skiwise - For Nordic Skiers


Skiwise is a cross-platform trail conditions app for cross country skiers. It allows skiers and groomers to share trail conditions, discover new trails, and receive live push notifications when the trail conditions change. Pretty cool!

Beyond that, Skiwise is unique because it's one of the only apps on this list that's dedicated specifically for cross country skiers.

One neat thing about Skiwise is that it contains over 750 trail systems across North America! This means it likely contains trails near you and has all the useful information for those trails as-well.

Links: Website | iOS | Android

Skiwise - Trail Conditions for Cross Country Skiers
Connect with Cross Country Skiers in your area. Share trail conditions, news, events, races and more! Skiwise available on iOS, Android and Web. Try it for free.

2. Strava


Strava is a social network for athletes. Featuring various communities filled with dedicated cross country skiers, Strava provides a forum for discussion, training, and friendly competition.

Strava is really nice also because it seamlessly integrates with many other apps as-well. This means you can use a different workout tracking app and have those workouts shared to your Strava network automatically.

Considering the current state of the world in regards to COVID, I think Strava is a great choice for skiers looking to find an online community of like-minded skiers.

Links: Website

3. Spotify / Apple Music


Oh my! I absolutely believe that there is no better feeling than being in a back section of the ski trails with your favorite song playing through some headphones.

Spotify and Apple Music make great options for music streaming because they offer "offline music streaming". This feature lets you listen to songs without wifi or cell coverage. It's absolutely an essential when you lose cell reception deep into the trails.

Spotify: iOS | Android

Apple Music: iOS | Android

4. Garmin Connect


The Garmin Connect app lets skiers connect to their compatible Garmin devices to track their workout. Garmin Connect also syncs with other apps on this list such as Strava and lets you share your workouts with the world!

If you have one of these devices already, Garmin Connect is probably already an important tool in your arsenal.

Links: iOS | Android

5. AccuWeather


AccuWeather is your traditional weather app with some bonus features. Some features I love from it are the weather alerts and accuracy of the data. I check this every time before I ski so I know what to wear for the day.

Links: iOS | Android

6. Cross-country skiing technique

This is a $4.99 android-only paid app, but really useful if you're a beginner or instructor and want handy examples of good xc technique.

Links: Android

7. Facebook

Many skiers probably already have this app installed. But, what I've found unique about facebook is the groups.

Browse groups in your city for a page to share trail conditions, buy or sell gear, or get notified on local events. Here are some of my favorite groups: Nordic Buy and Sell, Cross Country Ski Trading Post, Midwest Nordic.