What's the largest trail system in Minnesota?

As a skier you've probably asked yourself this question before. Well, the other day I decided to do some research to figure out the answer to this.

This is a compilation of the top 5 largest trail systems by distance available in Minnesota. Enjoy.

Note: This data was compiled using data from Skiwise - A Free Trail Conditions App for iOS and Android.

1. Gunflint Trail System (Grand Marais, MN)


The Gunflint Trail System is located in Northeast Minnesota, just a 30 mile drive from Grand Marais. Gunflint trails is the longest trail system in Minnesota. Split across 3 areas: Central Gunflint, Upper Gunflint and Banadad,  these trails total up to a whopping around 211km of beautifully groomed skate and classic trails.

Gunflint gets an average snowfall of 100 inches over the course of the winter, and considering how far north it is it should be one of the first groomed trails in Minnesota.

2. Sugarbush Trail System (Tofte, MN)


The Sugarbush Trail System comes in at #2 with 75km of trails. Featuring close to 110" of snowfall each season and  wide skate tracks, sugarbush is the perfect weekend destination for an avid skier.

Sugarbush is included in the Great Minnesota Ski Pass and considering it's location close to Lutsen is the perfect destination for a weekend trip up North.

3. Maplelag Resort (Callaway, MN)


Coming in at #3, Maplelag Resort in NorthWest Minnesota sits between Fargo and Bemidji and offers a beautiful 70km of ski trails. Featuring skate and classic trails, Maplelag also doubles as mountain biking trails during the summer months. Check it out!

4. Giants Ridge (Biwabik, MN)


Located just 1 hour 15 minutes from Duluth, Giants Ridge is the closest trail on this list to the Twin Cities. With numerous trails that wrap around the downhill slopes, Giants Ridge is bound to give you a good workout.

Giants Ridge has 60km of beautiful ski trails. My personal favorite is their "Summit" trail that takes you on a long sloping rise to the summit of the mountain then back down again. If you've never been to Giant's Ridge before, I highly recommend it!

5. Norpine (Lutsen, MN)


Norpine trail system rounds out our list as the #5 largest trail system in Minnesota. As a ski trail under the Minnesota DNR, Norpine is part of the Great Minnesota Ski Pass.

According to Skiwise, Norpine features 58km of classic and skate trails.

Note: This data was compiled using data from Skiwise - A Free Trail Conditions App for iOS and Android.
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